Now that companies are moving their financial centers to Europe due Brexit. What happens to the quality escorts in east London with less clients

My name is Kathleen Brook, a twenty-nine years old woman and currently living in London for five years now. When I choose my career as escorts in east London, I decided to move here and bought a house because I earned good being an escort in east London. It was a life-changing decision for me, becoming an escort in east London made me a better person and had helped me in my needs. But now, as an escort in east London, we are experiencing problems due to a shortage of clients because some companies are moving their financial centers to Europe due Brexit. And if the situation will worsen, maybe some of us as an escort in east London will look for another job because of the low earnings.


Initially, I came from India. Living in India for almost twenty-four years sucks, it was a tough time in my life before I knew about escorts in east London. I can still remember that my family struggles a lot for our daily food and even lost my brother because of financial shortage. We blame ourselves for not saving my brothers life, according to the doctor he might live any longer if he is operated immediately after the confinement.


My mom is an Indian woman, and I have the blood of Indians while my father is an American. They meet here in India where my father was assigned to build a building here; it is a contract and his a construction worker. His contract will end after a year, and he will get back to the United States of America after the work. But he has not gone home because he met my mom. According to him, he was so in love with mom because of her beauty and very kind to him. The construction built was nearby the little house of mom and now where we live. After the death of my grandparents, the house was left to her, and we don’t have to rent anymore. My father is a good provider, with the little he brings home we can finally eat. Sometimes, we experience being maltreated by some Indians because we’re Americans, sometimes my siblings and I were teased in school. We can’t depend on help from some of the people there because they reject us. But we keep holding on, and never surrender life until my brother had cancer and made our lives more miserable. To cure his pain, my mom and dad look for a herbal medicine because we don’t have enough money to send him to hospital. And his agony is almost every day. And it is so painful knowing you can’t do anything. I can also see my mom cried at night because of my brother’s situation; sometimes she hurt herself because she can’t stop the pain of my brother. Until his condition worsens, and we are forced to send him to hospital. The last hope is an operation, but we have not gathered enough money to do the surgery. And we lost him; we mourned his loss for so long. Even until now if we remember him, it still hurts us because we don’t have to do anything.


Life must go on in India, and still going to school. I also work but at the same time schooling. I want to help my parents and not worry about my school because I will be the one to pay all the fees. My aunt from east London came, it was aunt charm and she gave us a souvenir. We are amazed by her life now, and she even told us how beautiful east London is. Maybe she pity us, and she wants me to go with her and help to apply for work. I go with her and thankfully I was hired as an escort in east London. At first, I was happy because I get a lot of clients who keep booking me. Almost every day, I work and being paid right. I have shared my blessings to my family and move them with me in east London. But just recently, the work becomes low due to Brexit and it affects escorts in east London.